Services of Experts

Examination and valuation of the equipment documentation for
Authorisation documents
new constructions and reconstructions with respect to sufficient
safety of supporting structure and mechanical subassemblies
Examination and valuation of erection and dismantling technologies
with respect to safe execution
Investigations to ensure equipment safety of open-pit mining
equipment that is in operation
Investigation and valuation of cases of damage and impairments to
open-pit mining equipment and similar systems
Checks and inspections for the evaluation of the equipment and
working safety also for equipment and systems in the area of the
stone and earth industry which are under the mandate of the mining authorities
Regional Authorisations of Experts

In accordance with the federal differences in legal principles for the appointment/authorisation of experts, IFF Engineering & Consulting GmbH experts hold recognition including for Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg and North Rhine Westphalia.

Furthermore, the experts for open-pit mining equipment on projects in connection with the erection and operation of large-scale equipment also operate around the world.
Dismantling/reassembly of a mobile crushing plant Bucket wheel excavator during a complex overhaul