Acceptance of hoisting gear on the manufacturer’s premises
Measuring set-up for determining the lateral forces on a gantry crane
Railway slewing crane in final acceptance testing
The activity of the experts for cranes primarily includes the following focuses:
Examination and valuation of the equipment documentation
Manufacturing and final acceptance inspections for all
types of cranes, lifting equipment, working platforms and
load carrying devices
Expert’s reports for all problems that may arise
from the operation of cranes and lifting equipment:
- Inventory of the actual condition
- Damage evaluation and suggestions for
repairing damages
- Reconstructions
- Load capacity increases
- Residual service life expectancy

Where the required statements cannot be achieved solely by mathematical approaches and visual evaluations, these services are complemented by measurements:
Crane runway survey (static and dynamic)
Survey of crane geometry (e.g. wheel skews)
Determining the running behaviour (e.g. skew forces)
Determining deformation and stress states
Determining wheel load distribution
Dynamic analyses