Product Segment – Crane Safety Technology

From the combination of force measuring sensors with typed measurement value processing equipment, IFF Engineering & Consulting GmbH supplies monitoring technology for hoists and cranes in accordance with Euronorm EN 954-1. The sensors work on the principle of the strain gauges and are each designed especially for the present application. The type DMS 420T with scalable output is supplied as the standard measuring amplifier. The following series production equipment is used by preference at IFF Engineering & Consulting GmbH for evaluating, storing and displaying the measurement values to be monitored:

• Load monitor mini
• Load monitor

These electronic processing units evaluate the signals from the load sensors, the crane operating conditions and other control signals and, in addition to the monitoring relay switch contacts, provide an analogue load signal as well as digital signals. The load monitor mini is a lower priced variant of the load monitor, with a restricted scope.
Load monitor mini
Load monitor
Single channel device (1 hoist) Dual channel device  (1 or 2 hoists)
Adjustment of zero point, amplification and overload limit values by means of potentiometers (auxiliaries required) Adjustment of zero point, amplification, switching function (e.g. overload, underload etc.), associated limit values and relay switching delays by means of keys (no auxiliaries
Load and setting values display as a percentage of the nominal hoist load Numerical and dimensioned display of all load and setting values (in t, kg or nominal load %)
2 freely adjustable relay switching points for overload
4 or 8 freely adjustable relay switching points for 12 different switching functions
1 insulated digital input 8 insulated digital inputs
No analogue output (no large display connectable)
Parameterizable, analogue current output
0/4 ... 20 mA with taring, e.g. for large display
IP 40 top-hat rail housing
IP 65 aluminium housing