IFF Engineering & Consulting GmbH product software – developed by practitioners for practitioners

Based on comprehensive product and problem knowledge and on numerous experiences with the calculation and dimensioning of machines and systems, software is being developed, which is tailored to the particular demands of the specialist field of materials handling.
The following list shows a selection of the programmes that have been developed and which are sold by licensing:

SWP Proof of safe operating periods for hoists
Screenshot SEITRO

Screenshot ZP-KRAN
Kranbahn Dimensioning and static proof of crane runways and trolley
track supports
ZK-KRAN Dimensioning and proof of box-type double-girder
bridge cranes
ZP-KRAN Dimensioning and proof of structural steel-type
double-girder bridge cranes
Dimensioning and proof of structural steel-type and
box-type  single-girder bridge cranes
Project planning of drive mechanisms (drives) in hoists
and/or mechanical hoisting gears
SEITRO Dimensioning and proof of single and multi-layer
coiled rope drums
SEILTR Steel rope drive calculation in accordance with DIN 15020
AUSTAB Proof of strength of eyebars
BEUL Safety against buckling of braced square plates
GURTF Calculation of belt conveyors in accordance with DIN 22101
GURTT Calculation of belt drums

In addition to the provision of programmes for general sale, programmes with exclusive user rights are also developed to order for customers. All programmes take into account the latest national and international standards and are subject to constant maintenance and further development.