IFF Engineering & Consulting GmbH – measuring and testing specialist and supplier of measuring and testing equipment

Experimental measuring technique and the manufacture of customer-specific measuring and evaluation equipment are traditionally based on decades of experience in the use of strain gauges in order to determine deformation and stress conditions. Furthermore, all other current or even innovative measuring procedures are used as well, depending on the task. The technical basis of component testing is the installation of various test machines/systems in two test laboratories. These represent requirement for carrying out strength tests and especially for determining fatigue resistance. Test equipment is set up by in-house developments in order to adapt to special testing tasks desired by the customer.
Test laboratories 1 and 2
Servo-hydraulic test plants, each with up to 16
control circuits
Pulsation machines with testing force of up to 1000 kN
Oscillation test stands for various durability tests
Test machine with 3000 kN testing force (buffer
characteristics, tearing tests and similar)
ROPS-FOPS test for cabs on mobile machines
Customer-specific test assemblies on request
(forks for lift trucks, air springs for vehicles and similar)
On-site test
Determining wheel and supporting forces
Determining stresses, deformations,
vibrations, loading conditions, temperature fields
and similar technical parameters on machines and
systems of all types
Determining and monitoring the geometry
of supporting structures (incl. use of tachymeters)

Measuring and technical testing services are provided in all working areas of IFF Engineering & Consulting GmbH. Furthermore, time and again, briefs from other industries are also covered. Measuring and test assemblies are provided both as a service and as permanent installations for independent use by the customer
Determining the transverse rigidity of multi-layered springs Use of measuring plates for weighing heavy duty vehicles
Dynamic fatigue test on the cab
of a construction machine
Test set-up for determining the horizontal foundation load on a crane runway