Static and technical machinery calculation – competence for the safe and successful engineering of machines and systems

The development, project planning and design of machines, systems and steel structures is based on their verifiable dimensioning
for the working loads in operation and other external effects to be taken into consideration.

Typical services.

Planning of steel structures for machines, systems and vehicles as well as bridges
Establishing the load cases to be proven on the basis of functions and risk analyses
Determining the internal forces and provision of the required proofs (proofs of safety/collapse load), including in
compliance with higher order theories
Dynamic analysis of steel structures for the prevention of improper vibrations, proof of safety in case of earthquakes
Solving special calculation problems by means of the finite element method (stresses in non-rod-shaped components,
on notch or load insertion points, buckling of of stiffened plate structures, loads due to temperature fields)
Determining the characteristics of all types of drives (hoists, slewing and travelling gears, steel-rope drives, traversing drives)
Dimensioning of the drive elements (gear boxes, shafts, axles, brakes, drums and similar)
Dynamic analysis of drive systems for determining the impact load in the case of non-stationary processes (simulation
of oscillations)
Provision of proof in accordance with KTA 3902 for lifting devices used in nuclear systems and the components of such devices
Erection and dismantling technologies for large equipment and steel supporting structures incl. blasting technologies

Standard software used
KRASTA (rod statics)
RSTAB/RFEM (rod statics, FEM)
ITI-SIM (simulation of dynamically stressed non-linear systems)
IFF product software developed in-house